Catherine Wilson

Catherine has been a competive athlete for over 12 years and a Personal Trainer for 25 years.  Catherine accepts you just where you are, and starts with balance, stability, and flexibility.  Everyone has carried something different on their bodies throughout their lifespan, “I will and need to work with everyone differently, we need to be Body Specific!”  Catherine works with everyone to reach a different goal.  Healing is an important aspect of training, recreating new neopathways, and strengthening with mobility! Catherine offers 3 Premier programs

Begin On Purpose 8 sessions for $150 30 days

Stay on Purpose 8 sessions for $250 30 days

Always on Purpose for $240 Autopay 30 days

There are 2:1 and 3:1 options too!  Please find other options on

You can also work with other Trainers here at On Purpose WellBeing Center please call for details. 207-222-0142