Optimize Your Gut Health

What if we told you it’s not what you eat but how well you digest that is most important 

for creating optimal health?

Proper and complete digestion is imperative for weight management, strong immunity, abundant energy and disease prevention. What you eat, how you eat, when you eat and where you eat all affect how well you digest. if you can’t properly digest, assimilate, metabolize and eliminate, you’ll never receive the full benefit of the food you eat, 

no matter the quality.

Come join Sandra Dugliss, Holistic Wellness Consultant, for a talk and Q&A on the keys to optimizing digestion and creating vibrant health during the holidays and beyond! This is the perfect time to deepen your understanding of how to support your physiology in adapting to the changes in diet and lifestyle inherent to this time of year.

Some of the points we will cover include:

* Efficient, effective and easy ways to support optimal digestion

*How to know if you have impaired digestion

*What impairs digestion?

*What happens in the body and mind when digestion is impaired?

*The most important aspect of diet for creating vibrant health

Where: On Purpose Wellbeing Center, 381 Main St., Gorham, ME

When: Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 7pm - 8pm

Exchange: Special Price - Just $10!

We hope to see you there for this important discussion on Gut Health.

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